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Re-write of 'Time for a Power Up' After a very sudden death, a anime fan is launched into the world of Naruto. With foresight of what is to come with the powers of the gamer, How will he change both himself and plot to not only survive but also overcome the odds of what is to come. Phase 3 - At PM on the confirmed date, an SCP event will enter Phase 3.

All persons within the designated community event boundaries will cease voluntary movement for precisely sixteen minutes and sixteen seconds (ending PM local time).

Well-thought-out and fairly realistic story about forced exhibitionism. Has somewhat less action than we see in most stories and more psychological stuff, including more serious and deeper conversations.

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-announcements-InternetIsBeautiful; more» So Was the Anime Any Good After All? (dailywn.come) submitted 1 year ago by MicroGodrad. I started watching the Rewrite anime while it was airing a while back, and I remember a lot of talk that it wasn't doing the visual novel justice at all.

Rewrite anime announcements
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