Pope john xxiii contribution

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‘The good pope’: John XXIII and the ways he changed the Church

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Opened in Octoberwhen Pope John XXIII was pontiff, and lasting until Decemberduring the papacy of Pope Paul VI, Vatican II advanced both major and minor reforms to church doctrine. To celebrate the canonization of Pope John XXIII, Loyola Press offers resources on his life and contributions to the Catholic Church.

Saint John XXIII

Noted for his openness and simplicity, John XXIII (–) was one of the best-loved popes of recent times. Pope John XXIII made a highly significant contribution to christianity as a dynamic living religious tradition.

His contribution is shown through the calling of the Second Vatican Council where he strived to achieve Ecumenism. Known as the "good pope,” Pope John XXIII will be named saint on Sunday, April 27 after Pope Francis waived the customary rules requiring a second miracle after beatification.

The Italian pope's biggest contribution to the Roman Catholic Church was the creation of the Second Vatican Council. Pope John XXIII made a highly significant contribution to christianity as a dynamic living religious tradition. His contribution is shown through the calling of the Second Vatican Council where he strived to achieve Ecumenism, Interfaith dialogue, Social Justice and World peace.

These contributions fulfilled Pope John XXIII’s aim to promote “unity”. Saint John XXIII: Saint John XXIII, one of the most popular popes of all time (reigned –63), who inaugurated a new era in the history of the Roman Catholic Church by his openness to change (aggiornamento), shown especially in his convoking of the Second Vatican Council.

He wrote several socially important.

Pope john xxiii contribution
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