My observation on the good effects of online gaming to children

Effects of Video Games on Children: Good or Bad, You Decide!

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Video games are good for children (sort of)

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25+ Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games

The study showed that across the world girls spend significantly longer on home work and reading for pleasure than their male classmates while boys are far more likely to spend playing video games.

Girls fared significantly better in reading tests across the world while boys scored more highly in maths and science in many countries. - The positive impacts of video gaming online are listed on the online services section so these are some of the consequences that can happen to someone socially when playing too much.

“Some of the physical consequences of video game addiction can lead to social consequences as well. Children can compete against parents, peers or the computer using online matching games.

For hands-on play, provide a standard deck of cards or make your own set to suit the age group.

The Effect Of Video Games On Children: Something To Think About

Children turn over matching pairs, including the ace of hearts and the ace of spades, and collect them in a “win” pile. While I understand where you are coming from, I have not observed that gaming has the same effect on all children, or that electronics have the same effect on all people in general.

Everyone is different and some people are more naturally susceptible to certain things than others are.


Apr 15,  · However, further experimental studies are needed to ascertain whether there is a cumulative effect of playing video games, and whether particular individuals (e.g., poor sleepers) are more susceptible to the ill effects of pre-sleep videogaming.

My observation on the good effects of online gaming to children
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Effects of Video Games on Children: Good or Bad, You Decide!