My country malaysia

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Malaysia My Second Home

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General country information about Malaysia

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My country, Malaysia, is a small independent country. Many races of people live harmoniously together. There are Malays, Chinese, Indians and a sprinkling of foreigners from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and the surrounding South East Asian countries. Samsung Malaysia lets you discover the latest & best products in smartphones, tablets, wearables, TVs, home appliances & other consumer electronics categories.

Shop the entire range of mobile devices, TVs, home appliances & other consumer electronics online at Samsung Malaysia at the best price in Malaysia. The rate of tax depends on the individual's resident status, which is determined by the duration of his stay in the country as stipulated under Section 7 of the Income Tax Act I Love My Country, I Am Proud to Be a Malaysians Essay.

I love my country, I am proud to be a Malaysians Malaysia is a country which consists of three main races that is Malay, Chinese and Indians, and also various ethnic tribes like the Iban and the Kadazan community, and many more - I Love My Country, I Am Proud to Be a Malaysians Essay introduction.

My country malaysia
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