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From Weimar to Auschwitz : Essays in German History by Hans Mommsen (1991, Hardcover)

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Hans Mommsen obituary

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From Weimar to Auschwitz

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A witness in another part of the simultaneous later told of the Gypsies unsuccessfully intimidating the SS with improvised weapons before being made into trucks. German Resistance under the Content Reich. From Weimar to Auschwitz: Essays in German History by Hans Mommsen In this book Hans Mommsen analyzes perhaps the most appalling political journey of the twentieth century--the road traversed by the German people as the Weimar Republic collapsed and Nazism emerged.

Adolf Hitler had a greater impact on the history of the world in the twentieth century than any other political figure. 1 Yet his background was unimpressive. The son of a minor Austrian customs official, with a limited education, no qualifications or experience of government, and a foreigner, he.

Synopsis. In this book Hans Mommsen analyzes perhaps the most appalling political journey of the twentieth century--the road traversed by the German people as the Weimar Republic collapsed and Nazism emerged. Hans Mommsen (5 November – 5 November ) was a German historian, known for his studies in German social history, and for his functionalist interpretation of the Third Reich, Von Weimar nach Auschwitz: Zur Geschichte Deutschlands in der Weltkriegsepoche, From Weimar to Auschwitz will become a standard reference on the rise of Nazism and its implications for current developments in Europe.

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