Glendon swarthout

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Glendon Swarthout

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The Homesman

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The Homesman

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stars The Homesman, Glendon Swarthout's award winning novel called the Best Western Novel of the year back inis a deeply moving tale, a riveting thriller and an American West adventure in the style reminiscent of Larry McMurtry. Swarthout is a gifted storyteller with a keen eye for detail, drawing an authentic narrative of the /5.

Glendon Fred Swarthout was an American writer. Some of his best known novels were made into films of the same title, Where the Boys Are, The Shootist and They Came To Cordura. Also wrote under Glendon Fred Swarthout/5().

Glendon Swarthout was the only child of Fred and Lila Swarthout, a banker and a homemaker. Swarthout is a Dutch name and his mother's maiden name was Chubb, from English farmers of Yorkshire. Swarthout's academic career was excellent, especially in.

Glendon Swarthout was the only child of Fred and Lila Swarthout, a banker and a homemaker. Swarthout is a Dutch name and his mother's maiden name was Chubb, from English farmers of Yorkshire.

Glendon Swarthout

Swarthout's academic career was excellent, especially in English, and his writing aspirations were. Novelist Glendon Swarthout had the widest literary range of any American author of his generation, writing 16 novels, which ranged from dramas to comedies to romances and mysteries, and another 6 novellas for young adults with his wife, Apr 08, Editor’s Note: This tribute to Miles Swarthout, son of Department of English donors Glendon and Kathryn Swarthout, was delivered as a speech at the 54th annual Swarthout Awards Ceremony on April 21, It has been adapted here for print.

Glendon swarthout
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