Ethanol fuel production from banana waste

Renewable energy in Brazil

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Ethanol fuel in Brazil

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Jan 11,  · Steam pretreated kinnow waste and banana peels were used as substrate for ethanol production in the ratio (kinnow waste: banana peels).

Temperature of 30°C, inoculum size of S. cerevisiae G 6% and (v/v) Pachysolen tannophilus MTCC 4% (v/v), incubation period of 48 h and agitation for the first 24 h were found to be best for ethanol.

Brazil's ethanol program started inwhen soaring oil prices put a chokehold on the economy. Sugarcane was an obvious candidate, given Brazil's large amount of arable land and favourable climate. Most cars on the road today in Brazil can run on blends of up to 25% ethanol, and motor vehicle manufacturers already produce vehicles designed to run on much higher ethanol blends.

Banana waste has the potential to produce ethanol with a low-cost and sustainable production method. The present work seeks to evaluate the separation of ethanol produced from banana waste (rejected fruit) using pervaporation with different operating conditions.

Ethanol Production from waste Banana peelings and its use as a source for fuel. Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies Abstract: This study entitled “ Ethanol Production from Waste Banana Peelings ” aims to produce an alternative way in producing energy.

Ethanol fuel production from banana waste
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