England a christian country

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Britain a Christian country? Mostly, says Archbishop of Canterbury

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Yes, Britain is a Christian country

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Britain really is ceasing to be a Christian country

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In idea, to be a Worrying can be seen as a cohesive failing. Britain is a Constitutional Christian Country in the same way Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy - the Queen reigns but doesn’t rule. In the Census the country claimed to be nominally Christian - with 59% of the population saying it was Christian, although the British Social Attitudes Survey says 42% nominally Christian.

The history of Christianity in Britain covers the religious organisations, policies, theology, and popular religiosity since ancient times. However, most say that Britain is a Christian country anyway, and almost three in five Britons feel that Britain should be a Christian country in any case.

Just one in five people says that Britain should not be a Christian nation. Max Wind-Cowie, Hugh Muir and Martin Kettle join Tom Clark to discuss David Cameron's statement that 'Britain is a Christian country'; plus Ukip's controversial posters and the Obama campaign.

Jun 06,  · ENGLAND is in fact a christian country. The United Kingdom (England + Scotland) is not, because it is a democratic country. You cannot be democratic and Status: Resolved. Britain is no longer a Christian country and should stop acting as if it is, a major inquiry into the place of religion in modern society has concluded, provoking a furious backlash from ministers and the Church of England.

England a christian country
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