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The Functional Behavior Profile (FBP)

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The online DiSC Profile saves time and effort with automated sending, scoring and narrative reports in addition to all of the features and benefits of the paper-based DiSC Profile. Cigna Behavioral Health benefits and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) have moved to a new “home.” Your benefits and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) information have been moved to the myCigna website, where you will find an improved experience and.

That is why current detection systems have opted to analyze normal user behavior, define a normal user profile and then raise a red flag if an action outside of that “normal” profile occurs. Behavior Assessments and DISC Certification Training Chart Your Course International provides a personalized approach to help you hire and retain top talent.

We provide a one-stop solution with our scientific employee and DISC assessments, consulting and executive level coaching. Behavior Assessments and DISC Certification Training.

Chart Your Course International provides a personalized approach to help you hire and retain top talent.

We provide a one-stop solution with our scientific employee and DISC assessments, consulting and executive level coaching. The Functional Behavior Profile (FBP) is a clinical assessment measure used to inform placement and discharge planning decisions following stroke.

The FBP provides caregivers with a method of describing the impaired person’s capabilities in performing tasks, social interactions, and problem-solving.

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