Baldwin bicycle solution

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Baldwin Bicycle Company Case Solution excel file

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Thanks to Justin Chaplin at for the post below, which shows how San Diego’s rental stock is aging rapidly (fastest among the largest 25 US metros) due to our lack of rental construction in the past decade. Despite some recent positive developments, like the potential for 10, new housing units in the recently approved Midway Community Plan, these will probably do little.

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Parking: There is a small parking lot that can fill up quickly during the summertime and on weekends. There is a $8 day pass fee per vehicle (5 people) and $2 for a walk-in, bicycle, extra person.

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However, the fee can be avoided if you park along the side of 89A and hike down on Midgely Bridge Trail.

Baldwin bicycle solution
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Update: The Triangle’s evolving bicycle-pedestrian Scene - GetGoing NC!